Hymenoplasty in Thailand

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Hymenoplasty in Thailand

Hymenoplasty is a genital aesthetic surgery designed to repair a torn hymen due to a pervious intercourse or accidental tears. Also popularly known as hymen repair, the procedure is usually done for cultural or religious reasons. Thailand is common destination for genital cosmetic treatments and sex-change operations.

Plastic surgery Thailand experts understand the discreet nature of patients’ need for this surgery and always committed to being strictly confidential in their practice.

Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to reconstruct the ring-like skin membrane particularly covering the opening of the hymen.

During the last decade, female genital aesthetic surgery procedures have become an increasingly popular option for women looking to enhance the appearance of their vaginal area and to restore their femininity.

Today’s modern society understands women’s needs and expectations of sexual satisfaction and happiness in intimate relationships.

For this reason, many plastic surgery clinics in Asia are catering to the increased interest in treatments of cosmetic gynecology.

Thailand’s cosmetic clinics are attended by board-certified, English speaking practitioners who specialize in elective genital cosmetic surgery to improve your quality of life and sexual pleasure.

Sights to See in Thailand

Jim Thompson House: visit the renowned American architect Jim Thompson’s house, who settled in Bangkok after World War II. He worked for the American intelligence and became mesmerized by the Thai culture and artifacts. That’s why he dedicated himself to reviving Thailand’s silk industry, employing new dyes to create new light colors such as pink, yellow and turquoise.

The museum-like house holds a splendid collection of Khmer sculpture, Chinese porcelain, and Burmese carvings. The residence features a cluster of six teak houses from central Thailand, sprinkled with a few Western facilities.

Cost of Hymenoplasty in Thailand

Despite this treatment’s recent popularity, hymenoplasty is not widely available in many plastic surgery clinics in the US and Europe, not to mention the expensive cost. Therefore, many women travel to Thailand for hymenoplasty and cosmetic genital-related surgeries to take advantage of the affordable medical service and to maintain their privacy.

Thailand cosmetic clinics constitute the best-priced genital cosmetic treatments because of the lower-cost of living and affordable overheard cost. By traveling for hymenoplasty, patients are expected to save up to 70 per cent on their treatment.