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Ivf  in Cancun
Being a recent married couple it is only natural for us to want to have a child. While I, the wife, was unable to due to my tubes being blocked severely, we were told that IVF was our best choice. Not only was it our first attempt but it was successful and now we are 5 months pregnant with our little girl. Dr. Chiang was full of encouragement and we appreciate that he never rushed anything no matter my eagerness to retrieve and transfer, he ensured the eggs were right and size appropriate for transferring. We have so much to be grateful for right now, God for His hands over the entire process and Irega/Dr. Chiang for making it all possible. Tori is WONDERFUL she made the experience a joyful and relaxing one without fear or worry. The entire staff was welcoming and we cant wait to visit with our little angel to show her off to them when she is born!!! Thanks guys we love you and appreciate all you have done for us.
December 2017
We traveled from Montana to Cancun in 2016. We initially decided on Irega because of cost, and the friendliness of Tori in the emails we exchanged leading up to our decision. My husband and I were nervous at our first visit, but everyone was just so friendly and welcoming we were quickly at ease. We were very happy with how warm the clinic was, and glad that it was inside the hospital just in case our worst fears happened. They didn't, and every exam and procedure went perfectly. Dra. Myra was great, and she made sure we understood everything before we left each appointment. And every nurse we worked with made us feel right at home. Our twins are now 8 months old, and we couldn't be happier. If we ever decide to go through IVF again, Irega would be our first and only choice!! We were so happy to be able to have a small vacation together while undergoing this emotionally and physically difficult part of life. Irega and it's staff are wonderful!
November 2017
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Irega Cancun is home to a professional team of fertility care experts who are passionate about making your dreams of having a baby come true and we guarantee it with our IVF Guarantee program.

IVF in Cancun

Fertility clinics in Cancun offer a purpose-built diagnostic and IVF treatment facilities which aim to be an affordable alternative to expensive assisted reproductive treatments in the US and to provide less-waiting times for couples struggling with infertility.

Mexico fertility doctors are renowned for their remarkable achievements and prominence in the field of reproductive medicine, which positioned them among the top IVF doctors in North and Central America.

IVF Mexico doctors are experts in management of fertility problems and have a keen interest in assisted reproductive surgery.

No matter what IVF treatment is required (IUI, egg donation, gender selection, ICSI), as a patient seeking fertility treatment in Cancun; rest assured you will always receive a uniquely individualized medical service and an excellent level of excellence through well-planned regular appointments.  

Fertility doctors of Cancun provide patient initial and follow-up consultations and discuss several treatment options for your IVF Mexico treatments.

There is absolutely no waiting-time in Cancun IVF clinics compared to what’s offered in the US, Europe and Canada. IVF physicians of Mexico constantly supervise the clinics success rate by calculating the pregnancy rates achieved by methods of fertility treatments and procedures.

Cancun infertility centers comprise of teams of talented and caring therapists who have come together with one aim in mind: to create happy and healthy families.

Mexico’s fertility clinic staff holds extensive training, expertise and professional memberships with assisted reproductive associations.  

Cancun IVF centers are state-of-the-art reproductive facilities devoted to providing the most specialized and expert fertility care and counseling available in Mexico.

IVF Treatments in Cancun

IUI Cancun:
Intrauterine insemination in Cancun is the process of preparing a sperm specimen to facilitate the sperm and egg fertilizing for the purpose of pregnancy.  It is a great IVF treatment designed to correct for a male infertility factor or combat some problems due to the female organs.

Gender Selection Cancun:
Gender selection in Cancun is an excellent method for family planning or to avoid inheritance of genetic diseases. It is an IVF treatment that either analyzes the gender chromosomes of healthy embryos or uses sperm sample that is more concentrated in X or Y chromosomes.

Egg Donation Cancun:
Egg donation in Cancun is a state-of-the-art IVF treatment designed to help women who are unable to conceive using their own eggs for the purpose of pregnancy. IVF with egg donation allows women with infertility eggs or a poor ovarian reserve to conceive. 

Sights to See in Cancun

Whether you like to enjoy Cancun from the comfort of a beach lounger or aboard the surfboard crashing through wild waves; this beach paradise will leave you relaxed, refreshed and reinvigorated.

Combining underwater wonders with art, Sculptor Jason de Caires Tayor has created splendid underwater museum, off the shores of Punta Cancun, Punta Nizuc and Manchones Reef in Isla Mujeres.

The Museum of Underwater is an awe-inspiring project featuring more than 400 lifelike statues that serve as artificial reefs to grow marine life. The statues are conveniently placed in shallow areas to give easy access to divers, snorkelers and glass bottom boats.