Hymenoplasty in Bangkok

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Hymenoplasty  in Bangkok
Got my BA done with Dr. Pichet few years ago. Still happy with the result till these days. Recalling my experience with Dr. Pichet, it was a good decision to fly over to Thailand and had my BA done with him. He was very friendly and informative. His Thai staff are also caring and knowledgeable and from the moment I walked into the surgery room I felt safe and comfortable. The surgery went smooth and the result was satisfying. After the surgery I stayed at his clinic where I was treated with the utmost care. Dr. Pichet personally has followed up with post op visits to answer any questions I have had. The scars were healing very fast and now I couldn’t barely the tiny bit of it on my breasts. Try to contact and talked to him first. He answers patient’s questions daily as well.
July 2016
I am booked in for implants on 18th June
May 2014
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Hymenoplasty in Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most well-known destinations for genital cosmetic treatments, as well as sex-change operations. Plastic surgery Thailand experts are highly-acclaimed for their advanced practice and safe treatment procedures that produce the most desired results.

Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure that is particularly designed to replicate the natural hymen membrane of a woman to restore the look and function of a virgin hymen.

Despite being popular as a treatment pertaining to religious and cultural contexts in conservative cultures, vaginal rejuvenation is highly sought after among modern Western women looking to a cosmetic rejuvenation treatment in the hymen.

During the hymenoplasty Thailand, the epithelial layer that has grown over the remaining hymen tissue is removed and the surgeon may free a small strip of the vaginal mucosa to reattach it in a circular fashion.

The reattachment of the hymen results in constriction and bleeding once intercourse happens for the first time after the surgery. Also popularly known as hymen repair surgery, hymenoplasty in Bangkok is quick and easy procedure done under a local anesthetic or general anesthesia. Recovering from the procedure require four weeks.

Some women choose this treatment as a way to commemorate an anniversary with their spouse, while other women might have hymenoplasty for cultural or religious reasons.

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Ban Kamthieng House, located on the grounds of the Siam Society headquarters, used a rice farmer’s teak house which was moved from the banks of Chiang Mai’s Ping Rover to Bangkok. It presents the daily customs and beliefs of the Lanna tradition. The museum is well-appointed with the latest technology with video installations and detailed English signage.

It offers an insightful look into the glorious Lanna Thai kingdom, via an amazing display of ethnographic objects, many agricultural and domestic items, depicting the culture of everyday life. The collection showcased includes woven fish baskets and terra-cotta pots and an intriguing exhibit on the Chao Vieng.

Cost of Hymenoplasty in Bangkok

Cost of hymenoplasty is remarkably cheaper than most developed countries, such as the US and Europe. The reason being so is that Thailand has a lower cost of living and affordable expenses which gave rise to unprecedented growth of plastic surgery practices and operating board-certified surgeons to offer medical tourists an equal chance of receiving a world-class treatment for an affordable price.