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IVF Colombia

Infertility is the incapacity of a couple to become pregnant (regardless of cause) after 1 year of sexual intercourse without protection. IVF in Colombia offers infertile couples a chance to have a child who is biologically related to them.

With IVF, a method of assisted reproduction, sperm and eggs are combined in a laboratory dish, where fertilization occurs. The resulting embryo is then transferred to the woman's uterus to implant and develop naturally.

Colombia has seen a great degree of reforms in the healthcare market, expanding access to basic healthcare services and also tapping into the medical tourism industry. The country has come a long way to be where it is today. Colombia has successfully improved its health and tourism standards which, in return, have attracted more tourists and business travelers to its captivating coasts. In vitro fertilization is the most used treatment for fertility problems and has helped more than 3.5 million women successfully conceive in the past.

Intently trained in the US, IVF doctors in Colombia constantly revise their methods, aiming to improve their practice and provide patients with the best possible IVF treatments. Doctors in Colombia are English-speaking and foreign-friendly. As a part of Colombia’s healthcare overhaul, medical equipment and facilities have been upgraded to world-class standards offering modern, state-of- the- art medical services to achieve optimal treatment results.

IVF Treatments in Colombia

IVF treatment in Colombia is a popular option for US patients due to its proximity to the United States and the competitive pricing. With methods and treatments being constantly revised, doctors and IVF specialists adhere to the highest standards of IVF treatments. Doctors and IVF specialists continue to maintain high standards of IVF treatments to meet the demands and expectations of local and international patients.

IVF treatments in Colombia include IVF, mini-IVF, egg donation and sperm donation, egg freezing and embryo freezing, PESA, TESA, gender selection, and sperm freezing.

Sights to See in Colombia

Colombia is located in northwestern South America, surrounded by Venezuela and Brazil and other modern cities to blend.

Colombia is a country for discovering, relaxing, and becoming conversant with its history. Colombia stands out for its charmed beaches that guarantee enchantment and tranquility.

Cartagena is the combination all of the advantages of a modern city with stunning relaxing beaches categorized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Venture to the Amazon Rainforest covering approximately 1 billion acres in area of Colombia.

Relax in style at the Karmairi Hotel Spa. Colombia vaunts wonderful spas, utilizing the lands rich water, earth minerals, and tranquil elements.

With its charming fertile land, Colombia has something for you.