Breast Implants in Izmir

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Izmir Aesthetic Cosmetics - Dr. Erdal Tugsel Verified

Izmir Aesthetic Cosmetics is a world-renowned Center with accreditation from the Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Led by Dr. Erdal Tuğsel, the Center performs aesthetic operations and non-invasive procedures.

Breast Implants in Izmir

Breast implants in Izmir are a great option for those hoping to combine the breast augmentation in Turkey with a beach vacation. Highly qualified and experienced surgeons offer the best quality care that is available.

Also known as breast augmentation or mammaplasty, breast implants can enhance the size and shape of your breasts. Breast augmentation with breast implants has become a very prevalent option for women who want to enlarge and reshape their bustlines.

Women who have lost fullness in their breasts after breastfeeding or weight loss and those with small breasts might be interested in proceeding with breast implants. Breast implants in Izmir will gain you natural looking breasts, while enlarging them to your desired size. Explore your options of proceeding with breast implants in Izmir now!

Sights to See in Izmir

Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. It is immersed in rich cultured that dates back more than 3,000 years.

Do you love to shop? Izmir shopping is world-class fun. Kemeralti Market is a huge indoor and outdoor marketplace of narrow backstreets lined with authentic shops. Choose from the finest in jewelry, craft, and wedding specialty items or enjoy the atmosphere with a cup of tea.

While Izmir Turkey was little more than a village for hundreds of years, it characterized itself when Alexander the Great built a new city on the slopes of Mt. Pagos. The city continued to grow during Roman rule. Enjoy the City of Seven Churches, one of Izmir’s main tourist attractions. St. Polycarp Church is the only one of the Seven Churches of the Revelations that is still in use for place of worship.

Enjoy a guided tour of Agora Park or escape to the lush gardens of the Swisshotel Grand Efses, set on 37 acres of beautiful land. The hotel overlooks the city's beautiful Kordon Promenade and the Aegean Sea and boasts two restaurants. Make one last stop at the Sky Bar or full service spa before laying your head down at night.

Cost of Breast Implants in Izmir

One of the most important advantages to breast implants in Izmir is the colossal potential for savings. Plastic surgery in Turkey and medical tourism trends have grown into a billion dollar market.

Even after taking into consideration airfare and lodging, breast implants in Izmir is cheaper than in the patient’s home country. Traveling abroad is a great way to experience different cultures. While you are recovering from the surgery, you can experience a diverse country and culture at really low costs.