Tummy Tuck in Izmir

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Izmir Aesthetic Cosmetics - Dr. Erdal Tugsel Verified

Izmir Aesthetic Cosmetics is a world-renowned Center with accreditation from the Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Led by Dr. Erdal Tuğsel, the Center performs aesthetic operations and non-invasive procedures.

Tummy Tuck in Izmir

Patients hoping to proceed with the tummy tuck abroad have a great option in Izmir. Women and men who have loose abdominal skin and fat that is focused in the abdomen can benefit from abdominoplasty.

Sometimes these conditions are inherited. In other instances, substantial weight loss may cause abdominal skin to become slack. Tummy tuck in Turkey also can tighten muscles that have been disjointed and weakened by pregnancy. The procedure may somewhat improve the appearance of stretch marks, especially those located below the navel.

Izmir's mild climatemake it an excellent option throughout the year and the surgery can also be combined with a vacation at the same time! Explore your options of proceeding with the tummy tuck in Izmir now and request a quote!

Sights to See in Izmir

Izmir Turkey is the third largest city in Turkey. It is an internationally important seaport and routine port stop for massive ocean cruise liners and millions of tourists every year.

Izmir is nestled between two ancient ruins of Ephesus and the unusual natural pools and hot springs of Pamukkale. Capture the prominence at The Seven Churches of Revelations, which can be found in what is today the contemporary hustle and bustle of Turkey. The biblical churches are mentioned in the chapters of Revelation in the Bible.

Izmir offers numerous shopping boulevards and old charm attractions including the Izmir International Festival.

Visit the clock tower at Konak Square, Izmir's most influenced landmark today. It was built by architect Raymond Charles Pere in 1901. Make your way to the Archaeological Museum, the Ethnographical Museum, the Ataturk Museum, and the Selcuk Yasar Museum of Arts for a jam-packed day of culture and fun.

There are good restaurants on every corner of Izmir where you can taste Turkish cuisine and tasteful drinks, as well as fresh fish. Try the famed Deniz and Bonjour restaraunts.

End your day at the Kaya Izmir Thermal & Convention. The recently inaugurated Kaya hotel features the largest thermal and spa facilities, indoor and outdoor pools and a state-of-the-art gym. The modern amenities and beautiful landscape will leave you tranquil and put you fast asleep.

Cost of Tummy Tuck in Izmir

The medical cost savings in Izmir are significant. The cost of a tummy tuck in Izmir averages 30 to 50 percent of the US costs. Plastic surgery in Turkey is a prodigious way to receive great medical care at low cost while enjoying a refreshing vacation.

Dozens of clinics in Izmir offer international travelers the best of services at affordable prices. Cost effective medical treatments in Izmir are in no way substandard. You enjoy reasonable costs without sacrificing on your desired results.