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Breast Reduction in Istanbul

Breast reduction, also referred to as mammaplasty, is a commonly-performed plastic surgery treatment that is designed to decrease the size of woman’s breasts and to improve size and shape of breasts.

Women who undergo breast reduction surgery are usually seeking relief from physical implications caused by excessive weight and volume of large breasts.

It is an important breast-enhancement surgery that aims to achieve a more proportionate appearance of the body with breasts.

Apart from the physical benefits breast lift attains, the psychological effect of this procedure on women’s self-esteem is immeasurable.

Unfortunately, breast lift is not a particularly affordable procedure in the US, UK and other parts of Western Europe. The main reason behind the inflated prices of body contouring surgery treatments is the high cost of health care in these countries and lack of proper medical insurance coverage for plastic surgery.

Therefore, medical tourism is increasing by leaps and abounds allowing millions of patients achieve the body figure they desire for an affordable price.

Plastic surgery Turkey is the answer to expensive health care costs and unaffordable body surgery treatments, offering advanced medical facilities and qualified plastic surgery practitioners.

Breast reduction Istanbul is performed by making one incision around the areola; another placed to the crease underneath the breast; and the third runs through the natural curve of the breast crease.

After the excess breast tissue, fat and skin are removed; plastic surgeons in Istanbul shift the nipple and areola to higher position. After breast reduction surgery, your breasts will look smaller, better-shaped and well-proportionate with the rest of your body.

By traveling for breast reduction in Istanbul, you will experience a liberating change- both physically and emotionally.

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Cost of Breast Reduction in Istanbul

Being an elective plastic surgery procedure, the cost of breast reduction in the US is very high because medical insurance plans don’t cover cosmetic surgery procedures.

The cost of breast reduction and other body treatments is significantly cheaper in Istanbul plastic surgery clinics than in the US, UK and Canada.