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As the top Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon in Turkey, Dr. Ergün is at your service in his own practice located in downtown Istanbul. A skilled expert in aesthetic surgeries and FUE hair transplant surgeries, Dr. Ergün has served patients from 57 different countries.

ااستقبلوني من المطار و كانت معامله و الخدمه اكثر من ممتازه والمستشفى و العياده و العلاج كان اكثر من ممتاز. دكتور اوزقي اعزج عن وصفي له اكثر من ممتاز و فاهم واذا ابي اسوي اي عمليه ثانيه ماراح افكر الى عندهم
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Facelift in Istanbul

Facelift is one of the most common facial plastic surgery treatments designed to reverse the signs of aging and to achieve remarkable enhancement in your overall facial appearance.

The medical revolution in aesthetic surgery treatments is now allowing plastic surgeons to use facelift techniques to counter symptoms of facial aging and to attain a naturally-looking, younger face.

Men and women who are bothered by sagging skin along the lower face and the upper neck seek are ideal candidates for facelift.

Traveling for facelift abroad today is more common than seeking one in patient’s home country. The rising cost of elective plastic surgery procedure has put a strain on patient’s finances and fuelled interest in seeking inexpensive plastic surgery alternatives overseas.

Plastic surgery Turkey is a world-renowned alternative to unaffordable treatments in Europe and the US. The uncompromising quality of medical care and cheap treatment options gave Turkey an unsurpassed reputation for being the region’s leader in medical tourism.

Plastic surgeons perform facelift in Turkey by surgically removing unwanted skin along the jawline via incisions hidden along the hairline and border of the ear.

With the majority of cosmetic clinics located in Istanbul, plastic surgery Istanbul receives a large number of medical tourists from neighboring Europe and US patients from farther across the pond.

Facelift Istanbul can effectively rejuvenate your face and neck and restore your youthful appearance, helping you regain your self-confidence and feel good about how your facial look.

Sights to See in Istanbul

Suleymaniye mosque is a must-see for Istanbul first-timers and old-timers, as well! Suleymaniye is one of the largest mosques in Istanbul dating back to 1557, built by architect extraordinaire Sinan. The mosque was recently restored to its original beauty with wonderful columns covered by cement and oil paint.

The mosque offers one of the best views of the city seen from its balconies. The interiors of the mosque tread a fine line between simple and lavish, lending a non-threatening, comfortable feel to the atmosphere. The views out of the balcony on the second floor afford the best views in the city.

Cost of Facelift in Istanbul

Cost of facelift in Istanbul is very reasonable to average medical tourists due to the low administrative cost of health care in Turkey and subsidized treatments, including plastic surgery procedures.

Private plastic surgery practices in Turkey also offer flexible financing plans to help meet the budget needs of international medical tourists from the US and Europe.