Ear Pinning in Belgium

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Ear Pinning in Belgium

Ear pinning is a common facial surgery procedure that attempts to reshape and remodels protruding ears.

Medically known as otoplasty procedure, ear pinning is directed towards the reshaping of ear cartilage.

Although this treatment is frequently performed in childhood, adults occasionally request this procedure as well.

Patients with prominent ears often seek correction of this deformity during childhood; however many adult patients seek ear pinning surgery. A young woman with protruding ears may be self-conscious to wear her hair up.  

Due to these issues along with the simplicity, minimal downtime and high success rate, ear pinning surgery is among the highly demanded facial surgery procedures.

Ideal candidates for ear pinning Belgium are people who are simply unhappy with the way their ears look.Candidates for ear pinning surgery may have wrong size, asymmetrical or have a deformity.

Children aging four to fourteen are the most ideal candidates for cosmetic ear surgery due to the flexible nature of young ear tissue.  Adults of all ages can also seek out ear pinning as long as they are in good physical health.   

During the consultation session with a plastic surgery Belgium doctor, the specifics of your procedure will be discussed in detail.  

It is important to thoroughly discuss your concerns about your ears to make sure you and your assigned plastic surgery have a mutual understanding of surgery goals.  

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Cost of Ear Pinning in Belgium

Although ear pinning is a simple and easily performed plastic surgery procedure; it is still one of elective facial surgery treatments which high priced in the UK and other parts of Western Europe.

In an effort to make plastic surgery Belgium an affordable destination, many Belgian cosmetic clinics offer a wide variety of payment plans and financing schemes to meet the budget needs of local and international patients. Patients are expected to save up to 70 per cent on their ear pinning treatment in Belgium.