Neck Lift in Belgium

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Neck Lift in Belgium

Loose skin, muscle banding and fatty deposits are typical problems associated with aging. The neck area is one of the first areas where signs of aging appear.

Neck lift is a plastic surgery procedure that attempts to remove rolls of fat, loose skin and deep creases caused by lack of muscle definition and improve the neck’s appearance by restoring a stronger, rejuvenated jaw line and reducing sagging in the neck.

Plastic surgery Belgium clinics boast an extensive selection of facial and neck treatments designed to decrease and diminish signs of aging that may appear on the face and neck.

Belgium aesthetic surgeons are board-certified, English-speaking practitioners who are capable of correcting and improving a range of facial flaws and blemishes that manifest in wrinkles caused by sagging or loose skin, jowls in the cheeks and apparent skin folds in the neck.

There are a handful of factors that cause skin sagging in the neck, including weight loss which may spur formation of loose skin referred to as “turkey waddle” or “turkey neck” which impacts the definition of the jawline, giving the look of a weak chin.

Neck lift in Belgium is an efficient cosmetic surgery procedure that can smooth the skin, eliminate excess fat and skin, while creating a more defined jawline and a renewed youthful appearance.  

The neck can mature before the face, so even if one’s face appears to be youthful and without any wrinkles, they can begin to develop the first signs of aging on the neck skin.

Many patients choose to undergo facelift Belgium in conjunction with neck lift to achieve a more uniformed, natural result. 

Sights to See in Belgium

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Jubelpark is a vast museum showcasing an eclectic collection of antiques, decorative arts, sliver, furniture, stained glass, jewels and old vehicles. Other highlights include a Greek vase from the 6th century, a tabletop model of imperial Rome in the 4th century.

Cost of Neck Lift in Belgium

The cost is a defining factor when deciding to undergo plastic surgery abroad. Luckily, the cost of plastic surgery in Belgium is substantially cheaper than in the UK due to the lower cost of living and affordable overhead charges.

Patients who choose to travel for neck lift in Belgium are expected to save up to 70 per cent on their treatment.