Male Breast Reduction in Belgium

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Male Breast Reduction in Belgium

Male breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure which attempts to remove the fat and glandular tissue from a man’s breast using inventive ultrasonic liposuction techniques.

Men suffering from abnormal breast tissue resulting from hormonal fluctuations often feel discomfort and self conscious about their looks in social scenes. Male breast reduction Belgium can give you back your confidence and self-esteem.

The procedure is performed by eradicating excess fats and tissue from the breasts, creating a firm, flat and defined chest appearance.

Belgium plastic surgery clinics are outfitted with modern and high-tech equipments to deliver the best possible results. Plastic surgery Belgium physicians carry out the procedure on an outpatient basis by placing small incision in the armpit area to avoid scars on the breast or nipple.

Aesthetic doctors in Belgium are renowned for their artistic eye and skillful approach in male breast reduction surgery employing the latest techniques with the smallest possible incisions to achieve a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Recovery period is very short and most patients return to work about three to four days after surgery. Patients must refrain from doing strenuous activities including sports and exercise for three to four weeks from the surgery date.

Depending on each patient’s weight and condition, surgery can be performed alone or accompanied by liposuction Belgium, where the suction device will be inserted through incisions.

Medical practitioners of Belgium make every effort for their patients to feel comfortable and confident about their procedure. Patient’s health and wellbeing are their utmost priority before, during and after the surgery. 

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Visit Museum Mayer Van Den Bergh home to Europe’s finest pieces of art particularly the Dulle Griet painting known as Mad Med, depicting an irate woman wearing helmet and breastplate while holding a sword in one hand and cooking utensils in the other.

Cost of Male Breast Reduction in Belgium

The cost of male breast reduction varies depending on several factors. The size of fat that will be reduced, the type of anesthetic administered in the treatment and if liposuction is used are some of the influencing factors that determine the overall cost of male breast reduction.

With all these factors taken into consideration, the cost of male breast reduction in Belgium is significantly cheaper than in UK because of the lower cost of living and affordable over head cost. Patients traveling to Belgium for male breast reduction are expected to save up to 70 per cent on their treatment.