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Bella Mode Clinic Verified

The most advanced plastic surgery center in Bangkok, Bella Mode Clinic, is located in the Wattana District. Bella Mode is the first overseas branch of Korea’s premier Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital — offering affordable aesthetic and plastic surgery services to local and international clientele.

العيادة ممتازة جدا وتعاملهم جيد والدكتور وايد ممتاز وشاطر وطيب والمترجمة زهرة حبوبة وحنونة كثير وذات اخلاق راقية اهتمت بي من البداية الى النهاية شكرا لعيادة كيتوب The clinic great and their deal is very good The doctor is perfect,smart and does a good job plus he is very nice. The translator zahra is very kind with superior ethics she took care of me from the start to the end. Thank you so much ktop clinic.
November 2018
"The best decisions I’ve made and if given the chance. I’d do it all again" KTOP Clinic Discovering the Fountain of Youth and Beauty People expect that their physical appearance will change as they get older. However, I must say that I was not prepared to let go of my youthful look and I was determined to fight the signs of aging especially on my face. When I turned 40, I noticed the change in my facial skin texture as well as its form. It looks uneven – like it’s missing some tissue masses in particular spots. Aside from that, I was bothered by my eyebrows. These are the frames of my face so I know how important it is to perfect them. However, no matter what I do, I cannot seem to get a perfect match of eyebrows. VIP Treatment for all. With that, I started doing some research as to how to solve such facial issues. When I saw rave reviews about KTOP Clinic, I decided to line them for a consultation. While some people believe in love at first sight, I experienced love at first step when I got to the clinic. I got the sincerest smiles, the friendliest words of welcome and the VIP treatment that everybody who goes to the clinic seems to get. The front desk even called a taxi for me, walked me outside and waited with me until I was safely seated. I cannot deny that I was impressed. I know right then and there that I am at the right place. What I did not know then was that I will continue to be impressed with more than just the looks of the clinic and the friendliness of professionals in the clinic. On my consultation, the doctors listened intently to what I say. They recommended Subbrow Lift to solve my eyebrows imperfection as well as Full Face Fat Transfer to fill and even out my facial tissues. The doctors explained everything clearly. They walked me through the process, explained the benefits, why they think that such services are perfect for my needs and patiently answered my questions. Lift is Right - Subbrow Lift by Dr. Pannawat Patthamawongjariya With any medical procedure, even cosmetic ones, I always expect that I will feel extreme pain. However, Dr. Pannawat pleasantly proved me wrong as I did not feel much pain, at least not as I expected. The doctor seemed to work on my eye lids with his hands patiently and expertly. He keeps encouraging me and keeping my eyes on the prize. I also expected to see some scars but thankfully, they were invisible, buried beneath my eyebrows. Face it - Full Face Fat Transfer by Dr. Nakin Panichnok What I love as much as having a perfect face is Dr. Nakin Panichnok is someone who clearly knows all about looking good as he is really attractive himself. Furthermore, aside from his good looks, he has a high and tasteful sense of humor. I feel that he cares for his patients as he comforted me and made me feel great. He is an expert in his field – knowledgeable, skilled and generous with information and his magical hands. He was even the last person to leave the Operating Room. I must say, I got better results than what I originally expected - a symmetrically beautiful face and fifteen years off my age. Throughout my career as a Psychologist, I understand that client’s confidentiality is highly regarded and KTOP delivered that in their most respectful way. I could not recommend enough, KTOP Clinic is one of the best decisions I’ve made and if given the chance, I’d do it all again.
November 2018
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Surgery Expert Thailand Verified

At the top plastic surgery center in Bangkok, Surgery Expert Thailand, our expert plastic surgeon blends technical skill with surgical artistry to produce stunning results for our patients. By using the most advanced, effective techniques, our team is committed to helping you reach your aesthetic goals

Pattaya Hospital Verified

Pattaya Hospital was founded with only 100 beds; today it is a leading, specialized plastic surgery facility in Thailand, well appointed with 400 beds providing the highest level of cosmetic surgical expertise. The hospital is now known as the most highly advanced in the eastern region.

Plastic Surgery Center of Koh Samui Verified

Welcome to the Plastic Surgery Center of Koh Samui. Our board-certified, plastic surgeons located in Thailand strive to provide the best and safest cosmetic plastic surgery and laser cosmetic treatment results for patients.

Nose Surgery in Thailand

There is a host of reasons for patients seeking nose surgery: cosmetic and medical. While the prevailing perspective of nose surgery is it is more geared for aesthetic purposes, an increasing number of patients-- suffering from blocked nasal passages (deviated septum disorder) which causes difficulty in breathing—are seeking nose surgery for medical purposes.

Nose surgery, medically known as rhinoplasty, can cure this medical condition by correcting a deformity in the nasal septum to improve the flow of air.

The most common reason for nose surgery is the pursuit of an aesthetic improvement in the shape or size of the nose. Thailand is a health care and plastic surgery hub luring in more and more overseas patients to cash in on the country’s affordable health care system and spectacular natural beauty.

Plastic surgery in Thailand boasts board-certified, English-speaking practitioners and cosmetic specialists who put a lot of emphasis on bringing out the natural beauty of your face, body and spirit.

Nose surgery in Thailand is one of the top facial-enhancement surgeries, which is a simple and easy treatment to improve the appearance of your nose. Plastic surgeons in Thailand recommend nose surgery for patients seeking to alter the appearance of their nose and facial features.

Sights to See in Thailand

Many a travelers descend upon Thailand for gorgeous beaches and non-stop nightlife. But if you are not part of the traveling rat pack, and you’d rather contemplate Thailand’s storied past and immerse in one of the world’s rich cultures, then you should venture further up North to the Central Plains.

An overlooked oasis of historical ruins and grand sights, Central Plains comprises of cities (Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai) of bygone eras.

There is nothing like a refreshing water fall splash on a hot and humid day in Thailand. Yes, you heard it right- water fall.

Thee Lor Su Waterfall is one of Asia’s most fascinating waterfalls, cascading down a 984-foot limestone buff pouring into a verdant valley-- surrounded by majestic mountains. You’d be forgiven if you thought that was a preview scene from paradise!

Cost of Nose Surgery in Thailand

Despite nose surgery is a simple, quick-fix procedure; it may be costly to many patients in the US and Europe due to a number of contributing factors.

The cost of nose surgery is determined based on the location of the surgery, surgeon’s fees and the medical facility where the surgery is carried out.

The cost of nose surgery in Thailand can be significantly cheaper than in the US and Europe because the lower-cost of living, wages and administrative charges.