Vaginoplasty in Thailand

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Vaginoplasty in Thailand

Originally started out as a treatment for stress urinary incontinence, today vaginoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure designed to enhance women’s sexual pleasure and to restore the appearance of the vagina. Many modern-day women are warming up to the idea of undergoing vaginoplasty; not only to enhance their sex lives, but to address common vaginal problems, such as loose skin, abnormality or child defects.

Like any plastic surgery procedure in the US, vaginoplasty is an expensive treatment and its controversial nature adds up to the cost. Traveling overseas for vaginoplasty has increased dramatically over the past few years, due to the development of advanced medical infrastructure in several medical tourist destinations and the reduced cost of plastic surgery treatments these destinations offer.

Thailand is a hot market for vaginoplasty and sexual reassignment surgery (SRS). Plastic surgeons in Thailand are renowned for their expertise in gynecology treatments and cosmetic surgery of female genitalia. Thailand also serves as a discreet haven for women seeking privacy and confidentiality.

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Cost of Vaginoplasty in Thailand

The rarity of the treatment and the fact that vaginoplasty is a plastic surgery treatment make it one of the priciest procedures in the US and Europe. Thailand offers more options and payment plans for gynecology-related treatments and female genitalia cosmetic surgery. The cost of vaginoplasty in Thailand is approximately 70 per cent cheaper than in the US and Western Europe.