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TDC TEAM DENTAL CLINIC — is a team comprised of specialists always ready to treat your dental issues! Our daily activities transpire in an ultra-modern clinic under the direct care of highly qualified and friendly dental care professionals.

Great communication right throughout the service. Before I decided to go ahead with the treatment I spoke with the Dentist Dr M three times on the phone before arranging my flights. Dr Munteanu Octavian arranged the local hotel which is about 30 meters to the dental surgery. The hotel was very clean and very good value for a quality room. I arrived late in the evening and Dr Munteanu Octavian said he would call me and meet me at the hotel at 10am the following morning. We then went to the clinic where Dr Munteanu Octavian had a look at my existing teeth and then we went to a local health center to have a C.T. scan of my jaw. The C.T. scan shows the density of the bone and the dentist can then see what size implant is required. It was also discovered that I had quite a large absess infection under a damaged tooth, somehow this had been missed for years by NHS dentists. The equipment in the clinic is second to none, state of the art Japanese and American tools. Not the forty year old Russian made equipment used by the NHS. I was unsure what to expect of the clinic, but when I saw how clean and new everything was I was reassured I was in safe hands not only by the staff but also by the environment. We arranged to start the implant treatment in the evening at 9pm on the first day there. I was terrified, to say the least, a nervous wreck. I was unsure of how much pain I was about to endure and really no idea of what to expect. I was given a mild sedative to help with my nerves and from that point on, I was totally at ease. I even nodded off a couple of times during the procedure. It really didn't hurt at all. I had to have a bone graft in one area and they take a little of your blood and mix with medical ox bone to pack into the area where its required. All very clever stuff really. I'm part oxen now, although I don't think id be much of a superhero Oxman? The operation took about 20 minutes per implant, i had 6, and I was back at the hotel by 1130pm with medication supplied by the clinic. In the morning I had no pain and very little discomfort, but I was aware that I was going to be on a liquid diet for a few weeks. I already had false teeth that I would be able to use again once the stitches have dissolved, but for now I'm on soup and noodles. I lost a stone in weight in 2 weeks so as a side effect, if you should also need to loose a few pounds, I would recommend a soup and noodle diet. Its been 5 weeks since the operation and I'm eating normally again and the weight is going back on. I will be returning to Omnia dental later in the year in order to complete my treatment. I highly recommend this clinic and found the whole experience very professional, very friendly and a personal one to one service with the dentist who was very clear and precise at explaining the procedures in depth. A+++++ State of the art equipment. Very clean and Sterile. Staff are friendly and helpful A+++++
August 2016
I travelled from Australia to Bucharest to have 3 dental implants done. I chose Omnia Clinic after much research and many emails to and from the clinic explaining everything in great detail. The dentist I saw Octavia Munteanu who was amazing! He organised the hotel next to the clinic which was well priced and nice, and even though there were some problems with my bone, did a fantastic job, I also got a bridge done at the time, and love the results. All the staff spoke good English and were extremely nice and attentive. We were taken to the radiologists for xrays by the dentist, who also offered to pick us up from the airport, After the operation the dentist assured us that if I was in any pain at any time, even 4am, to call him and he would come to see me at the hotel if need be! All in all it was the best experience I have had with a dentist, he is extremely experienced and not in a hurry at all, taking time to make sure everything was exactly right and that I was happy. Would definitely recommend the clinic very highly an I will be going back for more work myself! Brilliant!
August 2016
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As the leading dental center in Bucharest, Omnia Dental Clinic provides premium quality dental services to all of our patients. We only use the highest quality materials available on the market. Our dentists consistently attend courses all around Europe in attempt to improve their skills and stay up-to-date on industry standards.

Dentists Romania

Europe’s new dental destination will have you smile from ear to ear. During recent years, Romania has been growing in popularity drawing more patients from Europe and US to avail of affordable dentistry, high quality treatments and a delightful European vacation.

Dentists Romania provide complete dental solutions to local and international patients. Dental clinics in Romania offer patients superior dental care in modern facilities using the latest technology and safe equipments.

Romania dentists believe patients should have a relaxing, comfortable experience—that’s why the dental team are dedicated to making you feel at ease while attending to your oral health.

From emergency care to cosmetic procedures, dentists of Romania have the knowledge and skill to provide you with world-class dental care.

The state-of-the-art dental facilities offer a number of conveniences including flexible financing, cutting-edge technology, first-class amenities, digital x-rays, English-speaking staff and highly trained dental specialists.  

At the helm of advanced cosmetic dentistry, dental practitioners in Romania specialize in both general & cosmetic dental procedures, providing you with the highest quality care in a comfortable environment.

Choose from a complete range of dental services, including dental implants, dental veneers, bridges and dental crowns.

Dentists Treatments in Romania

Dental implants Romania

Missing a tooth? Dental implants in Romania are functional and aesthetic treatment option for replacing missing teeth lost due to a disease or trauma. If you have tooth lost due to gum disease or an injury, you might be a candidate for dental implants.  

Dental Veneers Romania

Dental veneers can work miracles for your smile. Dental veneers in Romania can be an ideal dental treatment for people with chipped, uneven or discolored teeth. Dental veneers can also fix misaligned and gaps in teeth.

Dental Crowns Romania

Whether you are concerned about your teeth being crooked, chipped or missing, dental crowns in Romania will help you smile with confidence.

Romania dental crowns offer numerous aesthetic benefits as well as functional ones, too. Dental crowns can be used to fill in gaps and to cover up discoloration in teeth or to help build up a tooth that’s worn down due to excessive grinding. 

Sights to See in Romania

Relive and revisit an important chapter in history by visiting the Jewish Quarter of Bucharest. Remnants of the old Jewish quarter of Vacaresti, located northeast of Piata Unirii—Bucharest’s historic heart.

During the 19th century, many Jewish immigrants settled in Vacaresti, coming from Imperial Russia. This neighborhood will give you an invaluable insight of the Jewish population in Romania and Eastern Europe.