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TDC Team Dental Clinic

TDC TEAM DENTAL CLINIC — is a team comprised of specialists always ready to treat your dental issues! Our daily activities transpire in an ultra-modern clinic under the direct care of highly qualified and friendly dental care professionals. Our specialists are experts in a wide-range of dentistry services to cater to all of your dental care needs....

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TDC Team Dental Clinic
Romania Travel Tips
  • Language: Romanian
  • Currency: Leu (RON)
  • Climate: Average Temp North- 52 F (11°C) South 46 F (8°C)
  • Capital: Bucharest
  • Major Airport(s): Bucharest's Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport, Aurel Vlaicu (Baneasa) Airport
  • Electricity: 220V 50Hz (European Plug)
  • Time Zone: UTC +2
  • What to See

    Timisoara is the largest city in western Romania and has been influenced by many cultures. The appeal of Timisoara lies in the northern bank of the Bega River, with its divergent architectural charisma and pulsating way of life. The city is often referred to as "Little Vienna," and provides visitors year-round comfort and relaxation with musical and theatrical performances, art galleries, museums and a energetic nightlife scene.

    What to Savor

    The rich multiethnic heritage of the city is intensely infused in every menu in the city."The central characteristic of the Romanian cuisine is its great variety. It is a cuisine influenced by repeated waves of different cultures: the ancient Greeks, with whom Romanians traded; the Romans, who gave the country its name; the Saxons, who settled in southern Transylvania; the Turks, who for centuries dominated Romania; as well as Slavic and Magyar neighbors. All of these influences gradually blended into the varied and delicious Romanian culinary tradition" — Nicolae Klepper — Taste of Romania

    Where to Stay

    Timisoara offers a luxury vacation — complete with spa services, world-class dining and paramount lavish hotels to choose from. The city gives way to an abundance of magnificent accommodations located near the main restaurants, bars and attractions. Timisoara provides a pleasurable atmosphere where you can have dental treatment, relax and return home feeling the best you have ever felt in your life.


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