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Fertility Argentina combines fertility treatments with a sincere, caring environment to provide you with personal and professional care. Its goal is to make you feel confident and comfortable with undergoing fertility treatments abroad.

My husband and I made the trip to Argentina after two failed IVF cycles in our home city of Miami, Florida. This was a big decision, yet an easy one for us once we experienced the simplicity of working with Dr. Demian Glujovsky and Fertility Argentina. Communication prior to our travel down was over email. Questions were answered promptly and directly...in English as well so I had no problems communicating. From the very beginning we felt like Dr. Demian was professional and easy to work with. Upon arriving in Argentina we found the office to be equally as professional yet extremely caring and sensitive to what we were going through. This was a much different experience from the ones we had in Miami. We felt like people. Like a couple trying to have a baby. Not like a customer. This made it so much more enjoyable and exciting for us again. We were in Argentina a little over a week and today expecting a healthy baby boy!! We can not say enough positive things about Dr. Demian Glujovsky and Fertility Argentina. We look forward to our next trip down to work on a sibling for our son!
October 2014
We went for 1st EGG donation procedure September of 2011. We did not get pregnant. Excellent communication with the Dr G.
June 2012
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IVF in Argentina

Infertility clinics in Argentina take pride in treating people with fertility problems from around the world, as an increasing number of patients from the United States and Europe travel abroad to reduce the costs of IVF.

Argentinean IVF specialists
spend time training and working abroad to quality to offer patients the highest international standards and the most advanced IVF treatment methods.

Professional collaboration with colleagues in the US, for example, is common practice in Argentina.

The city has a great transport system with a Metro and street tram system so getting around is easy. It is a popular destination all year round but the hottest summer months from December to March may not suit everyone.

The chance to combine world class infertility treatment with the opportunity visit to this fascinating country makes IVF in Buenos Aires a great choice of destination for your fertility treatment.

Many prospective parents are looking into the option of IVF in Argentina as it offers advantages in the form of pricing, treatment quality and a memorable vacation.

IVF Treatments in Argentina

IUI in Argentina:
IUI in Argentina is offered to patients looking for a simpler and more affordable fertility treatment. IUI is viable option for patients with minor sperm abnormalities or other male disorders.

ICSI in Argentina:
ICSI in Argentina is best suited for male fertility problems, such as low sperm count or low-mobility sperm that are unable to penetrate the egg.

Egg Donation in Argentina:
Egg donation in Argentina is a type of IVF treatment designed to offer women who have suffered a premature menopause a chance to achieve a successful pregnancy using eggs donated by an egg donor.

PGD in Argentina:
PGD in Argentina is used to improve the couple’s chances of a successful IVF pregnancy in couples when prior IVF attempts resulted in failures for unexplained reasons.

Sights to See in Argentina

A popular tourist resort and famous as the home of the tango, Buenos Aires offers a warm climate and a European atmosphere. Art nouveau architecture and bustling streets make this city a fascinating holiday destination. With 5 star hotels and designer boutiques, the old cultural quarter of San Telmo and the street performers in San Terrago Square, Buenos Aires offers something for everyone.