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Fertility Argentina combines fertility treatments with a sincere, caring environment to provide you with personal and professional care. Its goal is to make you feel confident and comfortable with undergoing fertility treatments abroad.

My husband and I made the trip to Argentina after two failed IVF cycles in our home city of Miami, Florida. This was a big decision, yet an easy one for us once we experienced the simplicity of working with Dr. Demian Glujovsky and Fertility Argentina. Communication prior to our travel down was over email. Questions were answered promptly and English as well so I had no problems communicating. From the very beginning we felt like Dr. Demian was professional and easy to work with. Upon arriving in Argentina we found the office to be equally as professional yet extremely caring and sensitive to what we were going through. This was a much different experience from the ones we had in Miami. We felt like people. Like a couple trying to have a baby. Not like a customer. This made it so much more enjoyable and exciting for us again. We were in Argentina a little over a week and today expecting a healthy baby boy!! We can not say enough positive things about Dr. Demian Glujovsky and Fertility Argentina. We look forward to our next trip down to work on a sibling for our son!
October 2014
We went for 1st EGG donation procedure September of 2011. We did not get pregnant. Excellent communication with the Dr G.
June 2012
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Egg Donation in Argentina

IVF with egg donation in Argentina provides women with a low ovarian reserve or who are not able to use their own eggs for other reasons a chance of becoming pregnant. Donors are screened thoroughly to ensure perfect suitability and the programs are usually anonymous. Many patients decide to pursue this treatment abroad as IVF Argentina clinics offers more options and less waiting times to couples.

Prospective parents also decide to have IVF with egg donation in Argentina as it offers the option of receiving excellent quality treatment combined with a great vacation. To obtain more information on IVF with egg donation in Argentina you can contact the clinics directly.

Sights to See in Argentina

Argentina is filled with immense magnificence. While spanning the most breathtaking terrain from Antarctica, it is encompassed by mountains and tropical jungles.

Explore an interesting sight just outside the Plaza de Mayo, the Spanish town hall, a captivating colonial building dating back during the May Revolution in 1810.

Escape to the magnificent view from the Casa Rosada, one of the world's most famous balconies in Argentina's Presidential Palace. The renowned pink building is a splendid scene.

Take your adventure to the amazing Cathedral Metropolitana, housing the tomb of General Jose de San Martin, the heroic General who freed Argentina from the Spanish.

Cafe Tortoni should complete your day, with its humbled charm and gorgeous decor. The café incorporates freshly brewed Argentinean coffee.

Sleep the night away at 725 Buenos Aires, set in privileged location just steps from the symbolic Obelisk to Plaza de Mayo. All rooms are spacious and designed to provide ultimate services. The hotel includes a world class restaurant and spa.

Cost of Egg Donation in Argentina

The remarkable success achieved from egg donation in Argentina has called the attention from affordable procedures and high success rates.

More and more individuals are choosing egg donation abroad with a vacation. The average cost for IVF with egg donation is now over $35,000 in the US after treatment and donor costs, and countries like Canada, Australia, and Britain have laws prohibiting commercial egg donation.

Take advantage of inexpensive egg donation in Argentina today with no waiting lists.