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Fertility Argentina combines fertility treatments with a sincere, caring environment to provide you with personal and professional care. Its goal is to make you feel confident and comfortable with undergoing fertility treatments abroad.

My husband and I made the trip to Argentina after two failed IVF cycles in our home city of Miami, Florida. This was a big decision, yet an easy one for us once we experienced the simplicity of working with Dr. Demian Glujovsky and Fertility Argentina. Communication prior to our travel down was over email. Questions were answered promptly and directly...in English as well so I had no problems communicating. From the very beginning we felt like Dr. Demian was professional and easy to work with. Upon arriving in Argentina we found the office to be equally as professional yet extremely caring and sensitive to what we were going through. This was a much different experience from the ones we had in Miami. We felt like people. Like a couple trying to have a baby. Not like a customer. This made it so much more enjoyable and exciting for us again. We were in Argentina a little over a week and today expecting a healthy baby boy!! We can not say enough positive things about Dr. Demian Glujovsky and Fertility Argentina. We look forward to our next trip down to work on a sibling for our son!
October 2014
We went for 1st EGG donation procedure September of 2011. We did not get pregnant. Excellent communication with the Dr G.
June 2012
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ICSI in Argentina

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization, refers to the most widely spread method of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) available. During the process of IVF Argentina, the eggs collected are fertilized outside the womb and the resulting embryos are transferred into the uterus of the woman. The sperm is injected into the eggs with a fine needle, which is why the treatment is called IVF with ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection).

Throughout the years, many patients have started looking into IVF with ICSI abroad as the options at home could sometimes be restrictive. A lot of couples are choosing Argentina and especially Buenos Aires due to its excellent quality offered in fertility treatment for their needs. The mild climate and the attractions of the city are also a further factor for the popularity of IVF with ICSI in Buenos Aires.

Sights to See in Argentina

Buenos Aires is incredibly rich in cultural flair. Famous for ballet, theater, opera and classical music, the city is parts way for many activities and adventure.

Walking tours in Buenos Aires take you to the city's most appealing regions. The guides are volunteers who know and love their city are exceptionally talented in showing you the city like you’ve never imagined.

Rest in peace at the Alvear Palace Hotel, home to one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires. Classic Chef Jean Paul Bondoux delights you with his refined blend of French and International cuisine, or exceptional cooking on the rotisserie grill.

Are you ready for sun and blue waters? Stay at the Amerian Mar del Plata Hotel, just steps from shopping and the Mar del Plata's Casino.

Cost of ICSI in Argentina

Buenos Aires combines affordable, advanced fertility treatments with a sincere, caring environment.

The goal is to make you feel confident and comfortable while undergoing fertility treatments abroad without the stress of expensive costs and long waiting lists.

Doctors in Buenos Aires deliver high IVF and ICSI success rates and cutting-edge methods in Buenos Aires, where you can find reasonable infertility treatments costs.