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My husband and I made the trip to Argentina after two failed IVF cycles in our home city of Miami, Florida. This was a big decision, yet an easy one for us once we experienced the simplicity of working with Dr. Demian Glujovsky and Fertility Argentina. Communication prior to our travel down was over email. Questions were answered promptly and English as well so I had no problems communicating. From the very beginning we felt like Dr. Demian was professional and easy to work with. Upon arriving in Argentina we found the office to be equally as professional yet extremely caring and sensitive to what we were going through. This was a much different experience from the ones we had in Miami. We felt like people. Like a couple trying to have a baby. Not like a customer. This made it so much more enjoyable and exciting for us again. We were in Argentina a little over a week and today expecting a healthy baby boy!! We can not say enough positive things about Dr. Demian Glujovsky and Fertility Argentina. We look forward to our next trip down to work on a sibling for our son!
October 2014
We went for 1st EGG donation procedure September of 2011. We did not get pregnant. Excellent communication with the Dr G.
June 2012
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PGD in Argentina

It is possible to proceed with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis at fertility clinics in Argentina. PGD is a breakthrough technology that advances the likelihood of having a healthy baby.

PGD is frequently performed when one or both partners carry a genetic disease, as it allows the couple to reduce the chance of transmitting the disorder to their children. PGD can also be utilized to help select embryos of a particular gender for family balancing.

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Sights to See in Argentina

Argentina is a land of noticeably enthralling places, filled with mountains, forests, and boundless journeys.

Visit one of Argentina's primogenital cities, Corrientes for a stunning view of Santisima Cruz de los Milagros church and the San Francisco convent.

Be mesmerized on the Valdes Peninsula with stunning minutes spent with seals, sea lions and whale watching ventures.

Go BIG! Take a day to go rafting on the remote rapids of the River Manso or the Juramento Rapids near Salta.

Argentines like to party and the nightlife in Buenos Aires showcases a modern center for clubbing, encompassed by world-renowned DJ’s.

Cost of PGD in Argentina

Whether you're interested in surrogacy or PGD procedures, you'll find what you're looking for, and at affordable costs in Argentina.

In Argentina, in-vitro fertilization costs approximately $4,500, and PGD procedures average $5,500 in the United States.

Couples traveling to Argentina can save thousands of dollars by accessing first-rate, certified, and qualified facilities and specialists.