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Top Bariatric Surgeon in Santo Domingo Dedicated to Fighting Obesity

Weight Loss Surgery

Extensively trained to care for metabolic and bariatric surgery patients in Santo Domingo, the weight loss clinic understands that weight loss is a journey with absorbing and complex challenges, and is prepared to help every patient accomplish their weight-loss goals one-by-one.... read more

Prominent Ophthalmology Center in London Offering Revolutionary Treatment for Glaucoma

Laser Eye Surgery

Glaucoma is a complicated disease in which damage to the optic nerve leads to progressive, irreversible vision loss. The LondonOC (The London Ophthalmology Centre) is now offering the most innovative treatment available today — XEN Gel Implants.... read more

Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Reveals Keys to Excellence in Patient Satisfaction

Plastic Surgery

The top plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Ronaldo Passalini in Brazil has revealed the keys to gaining excellence in quality and patient satisfaction. The VisitandCare.com partnered medical provider attributes commitment, teamwork, and dedication — the top sources for the clinic’s high quality and patient satisfaction.... read more

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VisitandCare.com was founded with the belief that affordable health care is available for everyone, everywhere. We make it easy for patients seeking treatments by offering free medical treatment quotes, earnest guidance finding a doctor and suitable destinations for managing your health. Our executive team is dedicated to addressing all of your questions and concerns — no obligation, free of charge.

At VisitandCare.com we want to provide you with the affordability and conveniences to set you on a prolific journey to improve and maintain your precious health... Learn More


Tolga Umar, CEO & Founder - VisitandCare.com

Tolga Umar

CEO & Founder

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Brandie Umar

Executive Director


Cafer Şimşek , Chief Technology Officer - VisitandCare.com

Cafer Şimşek

Chief Technology Officer

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Erhan Bagriacik

Senior Software Developer, Database and Security Specialist


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Fatih Ozturk

Project Director

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Kai Wade

Director of Communications & Social Media


Maha Issawi, Patient Facilitator Manager - VisitandCare.com

Maha Issawi

Patient Facilitator Manager

Abir Dhahbi, Human Resources & B2B Relations Manager - VisitandCare.com

Abir Dhahbi

Human Resources & B2B Relations Manager

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