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Our experienced cancer specialists combine an extensive range of knowledge with a unique approach to diagnosis, treatment and follow-ups to ensure that the most up-to-date options and recommendations.

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خدمات روموي كانت جيدة للغاية، رغم ان شركة التأمين في بلدي ليبيا أعطى موافقة متأخرة جدا، واستمرت عملية الموافقة 9 أيام. ومع ذلك، أشكر حقا روموي لأنه شارك روحيا في العملية برمتها. وأود أيضا أن أشكر موظفي روموي.
February 2018
I would like to thank Romoy for his services and interest. I would especially like to thank the interpreter Amira for their hard work and helping us until late hours. she is a very patient person and an expert on how the disease will behave.They greet for everyone.
February 2018
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