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ROMOY Healthcare - Organ Transplant Unit Verified

Our prestigious ROMOY Organ Transplant Unit is one of the largest organ transplant centers in the nation. ROMOY is world renowned for its investments, specialization and success stories not only within Turkey — but also around the world.

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Les services de Romoy étaient bien meilleurs que ce à quoi je m'attendais. Dès mon arrivée à Istanbul, j'ai reçu un excellent service à l'aéroport, à l'hôtel, à l'hôpital jusqu'à la dernière minute. Allah est témoin de ma satisfaction.
February 2018
I wanted to thank you VisitandCare and Romoy. before coming to Turket, Visitandcare team support me psychologically. I was too weak because of my heart and I was thinking I could not be survived. When they convinced me to come Turkey, Romoy was taking care of all. As result, I was totally cured and have a wonderfull relation with them. They also gaved me a loyalty card named A plus which was awesome. Now I knwo that I will always be safe.
October 2014
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Memorial Hospitals Group - Organ Transplantation Center Verified

Memorial Health Group is one of the region’s leading medical establishments dedicated to delivering life-changing treatments by harnessing the power of technology and clinical research.

Organ Transplant Istanbul

Organ transplantation surgery is an amazing medical advancement modern science has brought to mankind. Organ transplantation surgery is a life-saving option for patients suffering from chronic organ failure. However the number of people awaiting transplantation far surpasses the numbers of organs available. Patients waiting for life-saving heart, liver, kidney die each year before a matching donor can be found. There are many factors that affect the organ transplant rates.

Issues that should be taken into account include cost of organ transplant, shortage of transplant surgeons and high relatives’ refusal rates. Hefty costs of organ transplant surgeries and high demands for organs in Europe and US leave patients seeking out affordable alternatives elsewhere.

Organ transplant in Turkey is becoming a popular, affordable option for many patents- from Europe and the US -suffering from organ failure. Istanbul is Turkey’s most prominent medical and business hub-- home to a host of state-of-the-art medical centers and high-end healthcare facilities.

Organ Transplantation in Istanbul

Organ transplantation surgery in Istanbul is performed by qualified doctors and transplant specialists, providing comprehensive treatment for diseases that affect the kidney, liver and bone marrow.

Kidney Transplant in Istanbul:
One of the most common types of organ transplantation surgeries in Turkey is kidney transplant in Istanbul, treating patients suffering from end-stage kidney disease and renal failure. Liver transplantation has also become a more accepted treatment for patients with acute liver condition, caused by various diseases, including hepatitis C.

Liver Transplant in Istanbul:
Shorter waiting list and the increasing number of organ donors in Turkey encourage a considerable number of patients with liver damage condition to undergo liver transplant in Istanbul. Turkish people are famous for their heroic, selfless acts and charitable nature. Therefore, Turkey is considered a burgeoning center for organ donation. In fact, in recent years, organ donation in Turkey has risen dramatically, saving the lives of hopeless patients and giving them a chance of better quality of living.

Bone Marrow Transplant in Istanbul:
Bone marrow transplant in Istanbul is also growing in popularity among organ transplantation procedures in Turkey. Laws regulating and governing organ transplantation and donation vary from country to the other. Organ transplantation law in Turkey strictly stipulates that the organ donor would be of a fourth degree relative.

Sights to See in Istanbul

Istanbul owes its historic importance and amazing cultural heritage to its grand location, straddling the Bosphorus straits.

Istanbul is filled with outstanding modern museums and art galleries, Roman and Byzantine ruins, and Ottoman palaces charming enough to conquer your entire stay.

Take time to admire Sultanahmet's major landmarks including the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque. Northwest of Sultanahmet is the marvelous Grand Bazaar.

Witness the Galata Bridge, crossing the Golden Horn, overlooked by the landmark Galata Tower. Sign on with Istanbul Walks, offering a choice of tours lasting around two hours, including classic sights around Sultanahmet, around the Bazaar, and Galata and Pera.

Feriye Lokantasi has a fine reputation for hearty Turkish meat dishes and enthralling city views, and is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul. Lamb comes charcoal-grilled and everything is prepared in a traditional manner.

Feeling allured by the friendly atmosphere and refreshing crowds? Dogsztar was a pioneer of Istanbul's new and youthful nightlife scene. The nightlife is a mixed mass, live music and DJs playing the latest cutting-edge sounds.